Biography Edit

Marge simpson

An iconic housewife in The Simpsons family. A caring mother of three. She sticks with her family though thick and thin. She is the love of Homer's life.

Marge Simpson's Feats Edit


With steriods, Marge lifts two men and smashes them in the ceiling.


She is skilled in MMA style and can fight a man

Marge defeated Chett Englebrick, a martial artist and founder and president of the Mixed Martial Arts Ultimate Punch, Kick and Choke Championship. Marge has superhuman strength. She has been seen lifting Homer off the ground easily several times. She knocked out two female prisoners with her hair with no problem. She chased Snake down and knocked him out using a garbage lid with one

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Marge is deadly with the firearms and is aware of her surroundings

attack. She passed the Police test and has learned how handle a gun with accuracy. Marge Simpson is someone with talent in combat armed and unharmed.